Who needs donor eggs?

Donate your eggs in our Austin egg donation center and deliver hope to infertile couples

Approximately 1 in 8 couples experiences infertility and has difficulty getting pregnant. Diagnosing and treating infertility can become a long, challenging road for individuals and couples trying desperately to have a baby. In cases of female infertility, egg donation may provide assistance for women who cannot conceive using their own eggs.

By donating your eggs, you can supply a critical element in the process for these individuals and couples.

Understanding the basics of female infertility

When couples or individuals come to our Austin fertility center, we perform extensive tests to determine the causes of infertility. For women, problems can occur because of physical abnormalities, genetic defects, maternal age or hormonal imbalances. In some cases, these issues prevent the development, production or release of healthy eggs, which impedes pregnancy. The use of donor eggs can present a feasible alternative for these women.

Typically, patients need to consider donor eggs because of the following situations.

  • Maternal age For women, fertility peaks in their mid-20s. As women age, they release fewer healthy eggs during ovulation, so patients in their late 30s or early 40s often need the help of donor eggs.
  • Diminished ovarian reserve Through testing, we can determine if a woman will likely ovulate and produce viable eggs each month. When these results indicate a potential decrease in the quantity of eggs, we often recommend donor eggs. It’s important to note: Donating eggs does not affect future fertility!
  • Premature ovarian failure Although menopause typically occurs for women nearing 50, some patients begin the process much earlier, which shuts down ovarian production and necessitates the use of donor eggs.
  • Repeated failure of IVF cycles When the use of fertility medications does not assist patients with egg production, donor eggs may represent a better option for success.
  • A known genetic illness If a patient is a carrier or has a genetically linked illness such as cystic fibrosis, donor eggs prevent passing on the disease to any potential offspring.

How donating your eggs can provide assistance

As an egg donor, you can offer healthy eggs that will present a couple or individual with the opportunity to become parents. Donating your eggs will give these intended parents a missing component in their quest to have a baby. To ensure the best experience for our egg donors and intended parents, we utilize an extensive donor screening process.

For couples and individuals struggling to conceive, donor eggs can provide an avenue for achieving parenthood. If you are considering donating your eggs, contact our Austin egg donation center. We can explain the egg donation process and answer any questions you may have about becoming an egg donor.

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