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Our Austin Egg Donation Center Accepts Referrals for Egg Donor Candidates

Through the gift of egg donation, intended parents can experience the joys of having children of their own. At our Austin fertility center, we welcome egg donor candidates and have developed an extensive screening process to protect both our donors and intended parents.

Oftentimes, previous donors make referrals, giving us other potential egg donor candidates. In these cases, we provide a referral bonus as a thank you gesture to the referring individual.

Why women choose to become egg donor candidates

For some couples and individuals, the road to parenthood hits a roadblock, and they face obstacles to getting pregnant. Insufficient egg production, poor ovarian reserve, genetic issues and certain medical conditions can impact a woman’s ability to generate eggs.

With egg donation, egg donor candidates can assist a couple or individual in accomplishing the goal of having a baby. The generous donation made by egg donors will ease the struggle that keeps intended parents from achieving their dreams.

If you have had a good experience, and feel that you were treated with kindness and professionalism throughout your journey, why not tell a friend?

The 411 on successful egg donor candidates

As you know, we look at certain characteristics in potential egg donor candidates to produce a positive experience for intended parents and donors. We want our egg donors to initially meet the following criteria:

  • They are between 18 and 30 years old
  • They are eligible to live and work in the U.S.
  • They completed high school or the equivalent
  • They have good overall health
  • They do not smoke or use drugs

A brief explanation of the egg donor referral process

If you know someone who might make a good egg donor candidate, you can supply the referral details. One of our team members will contact the individual to discuss egg donation, explain the egg donor screening process and answer any questions.

We will try to set up a consultation appointment as well. If your referral becomes an egg donor candidate, we offer a referral bonus to the referring individual.

Through egg donation, couples and individuals struggling to conceive can have the babies they desire. If you have donated your eggs and know another egg donor candidate, our Austin Egg Donation Center would love to discuss egg donation with possible candidates. We also provide a financial incentive for successful referrals.

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