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Egg Donor Compensation

You’ve given your best, now let’s discuss egg donor compensation

Women tell us that egg donation has opened doors for them to travel, supplement their income, or fund educational goals. You will receive money for your time and the commitment it takes to complete a donor cycle. Our Texas Egg Donor program paves the way for you to receive egg donor compensation for your time.

There are two levels of compensation

For our egg donors who complete a full cycle and have multiple eggs retrieved for our clients, we offer industry standard egg donor compensation of $6,000.

Should we need to cancel the cycle through no fault of your own, you will still receive $500 for your efforts. There might be multiple reasons for a canceled cycle, some of which may be due to the recipient of the eggs.

Learn more before starting the process

To prevent the unethical use of compensation to recruit donors, we strictly adhere to guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). The two most important issues are: how much to offer as egg donor compensation and how often a woman should donate in her lifetime.

Here is the exact wording, established by the ASRM Ethics Committee.

  • Compensation should acknowledge the time, inconvenience and discomfort associated with screening, ovarian stimulation and oocyte (egg) retrieval.
  • Excessive payments to donors require justification and sums upward to $10,000 are not appropriate.
  • Programs should limit the number of times a woman may undergo retrieval procedures purely to provide oocytes (eggs) to others.

Refer a friend and share the rewards of egg donor compensation

If you have friends that might be interested in egg donation, please share our information. When they partner with us and complete a cycle, you qualify for our referral reward.

Thank you for partnering with Texas Egg Donor

Rest assured that we will provide support and attentive medical care while you are undergoing a donor egg cycle. You will not be expected to cover any out-of-pocket expenses and will be issued a check within one week of your completed cycle.

Contact us with any questions about egg donor compensation. We understand that the financial rewards are just one aspect of your decision to undertake this journey.

Thinking About Becoming an Egg Donor?

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements listed, please click on the “Donor Application” to apply.

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