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Diverse Egg Donors

You can share your heritage by joining the diverse egg donors in our program

Infertility doesn’t discriminate, which means it affects men and women of every race, religion and ethnicity. Some of these people will only be able to have a baby by using donor eggs. Parents often want their baby to look like them and share their background. This is only possible when women from all different backgrounds become egg donors. As a result, our Texas egg donation program works with diverse egg donors who want to share their heritage.

What types of diverse egg donors can help patients become parents?

Texas Egg Donor is happy to work with women of all ethnicities and races. There is also a special need for diverse egg donors to help patients from different backgrounds.

If you are a member of any of the following ethnicities or races, we invite you to contact us to learn more about becoming an egg donor to share your heritage.

  • African American
  • Asian
  • Hispanic
  • Indian
  • Middle Eastern

Some hopeful parents are also interested in egg donors who have special talents, who have attended Ivy League or other prestigious schools, and/or who have advanced educational degrees. If any of these characteristics apply to you, please let us know.

You can help create families and share your heritage

When you join the diverse egg donors in our Texas egg donation program, you can give the ultimate gift to hopeful parents and share your heritage.

Many of our hopeful parents have been trying for so long to have a baby, and it can be hard for them to let go of the dream of using their own eggs to conceive. However, knowing that they can have a baby using eggs from a donor who shares their heritage and background can bring such joy and relief. You can be the one to give them this gift.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an egg donor, contact us. We can explain the process, outline the generous compensation you’ll receive for your time and answer all your questions.

Thinking About Becoming an Egg Donor?

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements listed, please click on the “Donor Application” to apply.