Egg Donor Process

How does the egg donor process work? It starts with a desire to help

At Texas Fertility Center, we help families grow. Sometimes, that effort takes a little extra ingredient in the recipe for success. An egg donor is absolutely essential for some patients to succeed, and we applaud your interest in learning more about this fertility option.

As you explore the possibility of egg donation, our Austin fertility center team wants to make sure that all of your questions are answered and that your concerns are addressed. We have practiced reproductive medicine in Texas since the 1980s and welcome the opportunity to explain how egg donation works.

Getting started: Filling out an egg donor application

The first step is an introduction. You will tell us about yourself, and we will provide details about our board-certified fertility specialists, registered nurses, and patient advocates who will work with you at our Austin fertility center.

We have high standards for our egg donors, and you shouldn’t settle for less than an established and fully accredited clinic like Texas Fertility Center. Read more here about our professional staff and credentials.

As a potential egg donor, you will complete physical, genetic and psychological health screenings, a pregnancy test and pap smear. In fact, it’s similar to what you would complete in an annual wellness exam.

You’re approved! Now find out how egg donation works

You are actually born with all the eggs you will ever have – millions of them! Mother Nature provides many opportunities for conception. The vast majority of a woman’s eggs never actually fully mature and release. A fertility specialist can access these extra eggs that your body will naturally dispose of anyway.

To do this, we prescribe fertility medications called gonadotropins that increase the number of eggs that your ovaries release in a menstrual cycle. We carefully monitor you during this process, using ultrasounds and blood work to monitor your ovaries and your overall well-being.

After your eggs grow, you are nearly good to go!

We will schedule an egg retrieval procedure in our Austin fertility center and prepare you for the last step. You will not feel anything during the 15-minute outpatient procedure because you will be sedated. During this time, the fertility specialist will use an ultrasound with a thin needle to extract the eggs. There are no incisions and you can usually return to regular activities the next day.

The length of the entire process may vary, but usually takes approximately four to eight weeks. Our Austin fertility center often welcomes egg donors back for additional cycles. The experience can be very rewarding, both emotionally and financially.

If you feel ready to learn more about becoming an egg donor in Austin, contact us here. Not everyone can commit to such a rigorous process, but those who do will find the experience rewarding and fulfilling.


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