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Egg Donor Psychological Screening 

Navigating egg donor psychological screening

Your decision to become an egg donor will help a couple or individual fulfill their desire to become parents. At our Texas egg donation program, we understand the commitment our egg donors make. As part of the screening process, our team includes egg donor psychological screening. This screening allows the donor and intended parents to feel confident from the very early stages of the process.

Understanding why egg donor screening will include a psychological assessment

Both the FDA and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) have stringent parameters around egg donation. These guidelines protect both the donor and the intended parents. As a result, our program strictly follows these recommendations. With egg donation, potential donors must undergo blood tests, physical examinations, genetic screenings and a psychological assessment.

Preparing for the psychological evaluation

Typically, the psychological assessment will take about 90 minutes. During the evaluation, the psychologist will want to discuss your background and understand your motivation for becoming an egg donor, as well as talk about the physical and emotional commitment involved in egg donation.

We want to make sure donors have an adequate support system and have considered the full implications of this decision. Often, the psychologist will utilize a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) and possibly the Myers-Briggs personality test to gather insight about potential donors.

Helpful hints for potential donors about the psychological assessment

Although you may feel nervous about this appointment, you don’t need to do anything in advance of your visit.  We understand the anxiety our egg donors may experience, so we offer the following tips.

  • Be yourself. In our egg donor program, we are not looking for perfect candidates. We are trying to match the right families with the right donors.
  • Answer the questions honestly. Don’t try to determine a right or wrong answer. The psychologist would like to get an accurate picture of your personality, so scripted responses won’t help.
  • Voice your concerns. Feel free to share any questions or reservations you have with the psychologist.

Becoming an egg donor will change the lives of a couple or individual who wants to have a baby. We understand the complexity of this decision, so our potential donors undergo an extensive egg donor screening, including a psychological assessment. Contact us for more information about egg donation or to schedule a consultation appointment.