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The egg donor application is a chance to tell YOUR story

Hooray! You’ve reached the egg donor application. You’re well on your way to helping hopeful parents and earning that money, honey. But how can you make your application stand out in a sea of egg donors? Telling your story is how.

There’s no one like you, and your application is the place to show us (and hopeful parents) that. It might sound a little overwhelming to summarize all the things that make you unique in one place. However, it’s easier than you think,
especially when you keep some tips in mind.

Now, how about those tips?

As promised, we’re serving up some tips to help you finish your egg donor application. From preparation to actually filling it out, here’s what you need to know:

Tip 1

Before you type anything

You’ll want to collect some information. Mainly, you’ll want to learn about your family medical history and gather photos of you from when you were an infant until now.

Tip 2

It might sound corny

The key to an awesome egg donor application is being yourself. Think about what makes you the woman you are. This includes your personality, interests and hobbies. We want to know about all of it!

Tip 3

You can stop and start

Know that you don’t have to do it all in one sitting. You can stop and start whenever you want because the application comes with a handy feature to save your progress. So feel free to take breaks to gather information and stretch your legs.

Have more questions about our application?

Contact us to get the information you need. You can call, email or text us at 512-309-7381.

So, why is your application so important?

You’ve definitely heard of “history” and you may have even heard of “her-story,” but this is about “your-story.” The egg donor application is the place where you’ll tell us all about you. It’s a way to show us that you’ll be a great donor, but it’s not just about telling us. It’s also about telling the hopeful parents who need donor eggs to conceive.

When someone uses donor eggs, the donor’s traits will be their child’s traits. This means parents want to know more about the donor they pick. Since they can’t interview all our donors, the application lets them get all the information they need to pick the best donor for their family.